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Brain Injury 911™ is an information center for brain injury victims, families and care-givers with information about diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, self-help treatment and a directory of doctors and therapists who treat brain injury.

Types of brain injury

Image showing different types of brain injury Research: Concussion; Contusion; Coup-Contre Coup injury; Second Impact Syndrome; and other brain injuries
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Brain Injury Symptoms

man with brain injury symptom of head pain Research symptoms such as: Memory; Mood; Sleeping disorders; Mental issues; Vision problems and more
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MRI scans of the brain Understand the different types of MRI used to obtain imaging of hemorrhage in the brain and evidence of brain injury
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Treatment for Brain Injury

Brain surgeon looking at brain scans and discussing treatment options Research types of treatments from Medication to Smart Phone Apps and treatment by Neurosurgeons; Neurologists; Psychiatrists; Neuropsychologists; Psychologists; and Therapists
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Birth injuries

Image showing child's brain with electrical impulses Research: Hypoxic Brain Injury (oxygen deprivation); Causes; Symptoms; Treatment and More
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Brain Anatomy & Mechanism of Injury

Understand brain anatomy and injury with these videos
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Brain injury resources icon Brain Injury Resources-links to other websites and reports about brain injury
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